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same old same old by BigBoyBoon same old same old by BigBoyBoon bored...been doing art :P will update soon but i dont know when that is. im going to become a monk next moth for 3 months T.T my mom ask me too....its like an honor if u do it for your parents. anyways miss u guys and ill start updating more often.

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Silvertide Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008
@_@ You're gonna be a monk!?!? I never would have expected that... but only three months? I thought ppl had to be monks for life when they became monks...
faramir Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
Boon yah bum, what's crackin? Hope you don't have too much fun being a Monk ;) and good to hear you're doing some art again, I miss your style man! Take it easy :D
Noyesque Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
Taking on the Monk life, how noble.:) You've dissappeared and reappeared but to leave again. Can't wait to see your art when you get back. Best wishes in those three months.
klid19 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008
fix yer phone, get on aim. you commin to sdcc with brian? if u dont i swear......
lilly-peacecraft Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008  Professional General Artist
wow an Monk! Good Luck.. its good to see you around. I miss hanging out with you like the old days... maybe one day we all can hang out again. Some of us are getting together at Matsuricon this year in August.

Can wait for more updates... and if I don't get an email off to you in time... Happy (early) Birthday. I would send you a card, but I don't have your address.

belbael Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008
really now? good luck mate!!
ZeroCartin Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
sweat time! XD
Suburban-Samurai Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
A monk? A MONK?? I don't suppose you get to learn wushu and swing around sharp pointy objects? I guess it probably just involves a lot of praying... A MONK??

Nice aviator glasses, by the way. I wonder if they let you wear sunglasses at the monastery, or if it's too modern or something. Does being a monk even involve monasteries?
yunni Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2008
Cool - well i'm sure you'll get lots of insperiation from er.... the spiritialisation XD Take care!
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